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Grundisburgh Village

Hall Hire Charges


Applicable from 1st January 2023 until further notice.

If you would like to book the Main Hall or the Meeting Room, or book the whole hall for Exclusive Use, please click on the Book Online logo. This will take you into our Booking System where you will be able to see availability by Day, Week or Month. To change the displayed Day, Week or Month use the left and right arrows in the top left of the screen. To request a booking either click on the day you wish to book or click on Request Booking at the top left. This will bring up the booking request form. Your request will be reviewed by our Bookings Secretary who will then contact you to confirm availability and the price for the booking. You will then have the option to Accept or Decline the booking. Accepting the booking commits you to the booking and to our Terms & Conditions. Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with the terms and conditions before confirming the booking.

After accepting the booking you will receive an invoice by email: payment is due within 7 days.

Hire Charges are detailed below.


Time Applicable 

All Times, except Saturday, 6 p.m. to Midnight

Main Hall per hour


Meeting Room per hour


Exclusive use of the Hall including main hall, meeting room, kitchen, bar. (Nb: Parties etc. are  required  to have exclusive use of the facilities).

Minimum of 4 hours (except after 6pm on Saturdays); cleaning optional at additional cost.

Saturday night – minimum booking period: 6pm – midnight; includes a mandatory 3 hour deep clean charge.

Full day (except Saturday) (8am - midnight); includes a mandatory 3 hour deep clean charge.

Saturday (8am - midnight); includes a mandatory 3 hour deep clean charge.

Wedding Reception – minimum booking period: Friday 1pm to Sunday midday; includes a mandatory 3 hour deep clean charge.







(extra hours at £25/hour)


(extra hours at £25/hour)




(extra hours at £25/hour)



1. Village Club Discount

Available to regular meetings of not-for-profit village clubs or groups which are open to all villagers, i.e. invitation only events do not attract this discount. Applies only to the hourly hire rates.

20% Discount


2. Kitchen

One-off charge for use of kitchen to prepare / serve meals (i.e. not applicable for light refreshments) where not included in the hire charge. Not subject to discount.



3. Exclusive Use

Hirers wishing to use the hall for large one-off events such as parties, dances, craft fairs, etc. must book the hall for Exclusive Use, providing access to all rooms and facilities


4. Wedding Reception

50% of hire charge payable on booking; balance (to include refundable deposit) due 4 months before the event.

5. Staging

Set-up and dismantling fee for hirers wishing to use the staging.



6. Refundable Deposit

Applicable to evening parties and wedding receptions only.  Refundable deposit for parties is payable with booking fee.  Refundable deposit for weddings is payable with the balance not initial booking fee.  Note that the refundable deposit is returned if all terms and conditions are met including keeping all doors and windows closed whilst amplified music is playing, there is no damage to the hall facilities and the hall is left clean and tidy after use.  Additional charges may arise if these terms are not met and reinstatement costs are higher.



7. Set-up & Clear-Up

Hirers are not allowed entry to the hall prior to their booking commencement time and must vacate the hall, leaving it in a clean state, at the end of their booked slot. Sufficient time must be booked by hirers to prepare for their event and to clear up afterwards.


8. Cleaning

The Hire Agreement requires Hirers to leave the hall in a clean state, but if preferred, and not included in the hire charge, a 2 hour professional clean can usually be arranged, subject to availability. 



9. Available Times

The Hall is available from 8 a.m. to Midnight (but no amplified music after 11 p.m)

10. Payment Terms, Single Events

With the exception of wedding receptions (see above), all fees including deposit must be paid at time of booking to secure the booking.

11. Payment Terms, Recurring Events

Terms to be agreed on a case-by-case basis.


12. Cancellation

Any return of Hire Charges paid in advance is at the discretion of the Management Committee and subject to a cancelation fee. Any Refundable Deposit paid in advance will be returned.


13. Management Responsibility

The Management Committee reserve the right to refuse or amend bookings and to amend the published hire rates as required in order to meet the aims of benefitting the community and maintaining/enhancing the facilities.


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