We are fundraising to install solar panels as part of the new village hall build. If you would like to donate please email us at:

Solar PV panels produce electricity onsite from the sun. The solar panels will reduce the amount of electricity the village hall will require from the electricity grid and the amount of electricity it will need to pay for.

The village hall will also be able to sell any surplus electricity to the grid which will create a small income.  This will help to reduce the village hall's running costs.


Solar panels, combined with the planned high levels of insulation, modern building techniques and the use of a heat pump will reduce the energy needs and carbon footprint of the village hall.  Doing this during the initial build minimises the install costs and disruption and maximises the carbon savings and cost savings achievable. 


You’ll also get the warm fuzzy feeling that some of the electricity used in your home over the year will be coming direct from your village hall. 


Solar panels are an additional part to the original build and we would welcome donations to contribute specifically to this part of the village hall build.  We are targeting £10,000 to install approximately 30 panels providing a generating capacity of approximately 11.5kWp.  If you would like to donate or require further information, please email  Donations can be made with Gift Aid if you are eligible.



Target £10,000 - this will allow us to install a 30 panel solar PV system with a generating capacity of approximately 11.5kWp.  To donate email


Target - £10,000 -