2021 07 21 Stage end.jpg

The new hall takes shape!

The new hall is coming along really quickly.

The roof is on and so are the solar panels.

Completion is expected by Christmas 2021.

The photo on the left is from July when the main hall was enclosed, but before any insulation or plasterboard was installed.

Village HALL



The Village Hall Management Committee held its AGM on 22nd April 2021 on Zoom. We are delighted that this includes a number of new people have been put forward by the various user groups to become trustees: Bryan Laxton (Chair), Judith Bignell-Pepper (Vice Chair), Stephen Cooper (Treasurer), Richard Pepper (Building Manager), Phil Bailey, Ben Cook, Peter Kendall, John Talbot, Ann Willetts, Clive Willetts, Heather Langdon.

Existing Hall

Renewed Planning Consent

We have received official confirmation that our planning application for the redevelopment of the existing hall has been approved. This is effectively a renewal of the existing consent which expired soon, but with the agreed compromise wording on the demolition timing.

This is excellent news and another step along the way to getting the project completed.

Community Fund



The Community Fund (previously the Big Lottery Fund) has confirmed they have approved our application for £200,000. 

This is a huge step forward for us and we are delighted!

Local match funding

Local match Funding - It is hoped that this major local initiative, started by a few individuals with £50,000 pledged, will help galvanise and encourage the community into action to make extra efforts to raise a further £50,000 for the new village hall with a view to raising a total of £100,000 locally from this match funded system. All funds raised by the community will be match funded and therefore effectively doubled by this match funding scheme. We have identified a number of entities to pursue for grant funding. We are working hard to make contact with all these possibilities, but volunteers to make these applications are always welcome. We have set ourselves the target of achieving £100,000 from these sources.