During the last few years we have given the new village hall project a tremendous start by gaining assets of nearly £500,000. These consist of money from a section 106 agreement, together with the value of the existing hall site for which we have planning consent for sale and residential development. 

Fund Raising

Now have been pursuing three strands of fundraising: 

Local Fund Raising

Target £100,000. This is a local effort and has been kick-started by pledges of £50,000 from local people. These will match fund any other local donations made.


Target - £100,000 -

Community Fund

(previously the Big Lottery). Target - £200,000. At the beginning of this year we made an application to the Community Fund for a grant. This has evolved into an major application for £200,000. We have just heard that our application for £200,000 has received final approval and the money is now guaranteed to be available to us.

Community Fund Logo digital-white-background.png

Target - £200,000 -

Various grants.

Target £100,000. We have identified a number of grant giving organisations which we are eligible to approach for funding.


Target - £100,000 -

Target £10,000 - this will allow us to install a 30 panel solar PV system with a generating capacity of approximately 11.5kWp.  To donate email solar@gnvh.co.uk


Target - £10,000 -

Target - £100,000 -